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Car care is our specialty. Serving San Antonio, Texas, Bravos Auto Care is a premier auto repair shop that caters to all your automotive needs! Auto maintenance is crucial for all vehicle owners, whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV. Not only does it ensure the condition and quality of your vehicle, but it also promotes vehicle longevity and optimizes your safety on the road. Routine maintenance involves coming in regularly for certain services such as oil changes, tire rotations, fluid and filter changes, and wheel alignments—among others, including computer diagnostics, windshield wiper replacements, and general inspections. If you’re careful about your vehicle’s maintenance needs, you’ll be able to enjoy your vehicle for many miles and many years to come. Exact service intervals are listed in your owner’s manual, but we can also help you determine the best times to come in for certain services based on your car’s age, condition, and mileage!

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Auto repair takes many forms, and can happen for practically any reason. Many automotive repairs, however, are the result of neglecting maintenance services. That oil change you’ve been putting off has resulted in overheating, or that air filter that hasn’t been changed since you first got your car has caused your engine to stop working. While these circumstances are extreme, they are possible—and happen more often than you may think. Even drivers who lovingly maintain their vehicles will likely experience issues over time, though. If your drive feels or sounds different, if your stopping distance is longer, your steering isn’t giving you its usual tack-sharp response, or if your fuel economy has dipped, it’s a good idea to visit our auto repair shop for a consultation. We have the experience and the tools to repair all major systems of a vehicle, such as the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, heating and air conditioning, and tires. Whatever you need, the solution is closer than you think—it’s Bravos Auto Care!

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Modern vehicles are more complex than ever, which means we’re past the time when an enthusiast could perform repairs in their driveway. To ensure your vehicle’s sensitive systems and components aren’t further damaged, bring them to our team of ASE-certified technicians who specialize in all forms of auto repair. Our auto shop features six fully equipped bays and two outside lifts! We only use industry-standard equipment and tools, and our processes align with all manufacturer guidelines. We are here for you during every phase of vehicle ownership, from your first oil change to your 120k-mileage service. Take a seat in our comfortable waiting area as we work on your vehicle, and be sure to utilize our free WiFi access! You deserve the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get every time you visit us for preventative maintenance or car repair. Schedule an appointment online or by giving us a call at (210) 530-4446. Bravos Auto Care is conveniently located at 11307 Perrin Beitel Rd San Antonio, TX 78217 in San Antonio, Texas.

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