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Auto AC Repair in San Antonio, Texas

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If the air conditioning system in your car is on the fritz, visit Bravos Auto Care in San Antonio, Texas, for auto AC repair and maintenance. Air conditioning keeps your vehicle’s cabin comfortable all year-round, but it’s doing a lot more than that simultaneously. It actually also contributes to preventing your engine from overheating. Those with allergies or respiratory issues benefit from the cabin air filter, too, in vehicles since they help limit the allergens you breathe in. If you’re stuck in heavy traffic, breathing in other vehicles’ exhaust fumes isn’t healthy either. Your car’s air conditioning system works in much the same way as your home’s HVAC system, or even a simple window unit; it’s a system of fans, a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, coolant, and other components. And like your home system, it can experience problems sometimes. Here in our auto repair shop, we have the tools and the knowledge to troubleshoot the issue and provide professional and efficient auto AC repair!

Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

When there is a problem with your vehicle’s AC unit, it often lets you know via a number of signs. If the system blows warm air, if the airflow is low—even on the highest setting, or if the system simply won’t turn on or blow air at all, it’s time to visit our auto shop for inspection and service. Your air conditioning can experience problems from several different components that warrant auto AC repair, such as blockages in the ductwork (the grille at the base of your windshield that air enters in), a dirty filter, a refrigerant leak, mechanical problems with its motors, or a problem in its electronics. We don’t recommend trying to fix the problem on your own because of a car AC system’s intricate design, but there are a few simple fixes you can try at home before you visit us. For instance, double-check that the AC is actually on—and not the heat (it happens!). Has it been a while since you’ve changed the cabin filter? Has your car blown a fuse? Have leaves or other debris been sucked in? Once you’ve checked the boxes, make an appointment for professional auto AC repair!

Stop in for AC Service Today

When your vehicle starts to exhibit problems with the AC system, make an appointment to see us! Like any other system in a vehicle, your air conditioning needs maintenance by qualified and certified technicians. We are here to help with both auto AC repair and maintenance, from compressor replacement to recharge service, to general inspections. We’ll take the time to inspect and perform diagnostics to accurately determine the issue. Whether it be a faulty compressor or a refrigerant leak, we can provide the necessary repairs and parts replacement in a swift manner. You can always count on us at Bravos Auto Care to be transparent and honest in our workmanship! Our auto shop boasts a comfortable waiting area for you to relax in as we perform your auto AC repair, which also offers complimentary WiFi. To schedule an appointment with our professional team, contact us at (210) 530-4446 or use our online scheduling system! We are located at 11307 Perrin Beitel Rd San Antonio, TX 78217 and look forward to serving you soon.