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Exhaust Repair in San Antonio, Texas

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Bravos Auto Care invites you in for exhaust repair service! The exhaust system plays an important role in emissions control. Not only does it remove harmful exhaust fumes and substances from your vehicle, but it reduces the noise created by your vehicle’s engine, too. It also helps prevent these harmful fumes from entering the cabin and causing sickness to the passengers on-board. It is located on the undercarriage of a vehicle, and it starts at the engine’s combustion chambers and ends at the tailpipe. A variety of parts make up the exhaust system, and each depend on one another to properly and effectively operate. These include the exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, resonator, muffler, and tail pipe. The exhaust system is a crucial component of your vehicle and requires a skilled set of hands for proper care, which is exactly what you’ll find here at our auto shop in San Antonio, Texas! We take care of it all—exhaust repair, inspections, consultations, and parts replacements!

Signs of Exhaust System Problems

Do you know what to look out for when it comes to exhaust problems in your vehicle? An easy indicator is the check engine light coming on in your dashboard. It’s part of the OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) system, which consistently monitors the engine, transmission, and exhaust system. Because it may be lit for another reason entirely, we recommend coming in for professional diagnostics service to confirm if the issue is related to the exhaust. Sometimes, you may experience vibrations from the steering wheel and/or the gas pedal, which often points to a leak somewhere in the system. In extreme cases of a leak, the entire vehicle can shake. Additional signs that can yield exhaust repair include a loud clicking or knocking noise, a bad odor, a loss in engine power, or decreased gas mileage. Any abnormality in your driving warrants a visit to our auto shop, where our repair technicians can inspect your exhaust system and troubleshoot the problem!

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Like several other components, problems with your exhaust aren’t always preventable. Some of the most common problems we encounter include a damaged or clogged catalytic converter, a failing exhaust manifold, a faulty oxygen sensor, leaks, cracks, and even rust. At Bravos Auto Care, we are no strangers to exhaust systems. We know the signs and we know the exhaust repair services needed to rectify all issues associated with the system. Even if you aren’t sure if it’s a problem with your exhaust, we still encourage you to come in for a professional look! We will use our advanced equipment and technology to aid our services and our expertise to aid our steps for efficient exhaust repair. For more information on how we can help you and your vehicle, contact us at (210) 530-4446. You are welcome to schedule an appointment via phone or our online scheduling tool. Our auto repair facility is located at 11307 Perrin Beitel Rd San Antonio, TX 78217.