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Suspension Repair in San Antonio, Texas

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Every vehicle is manufactured with a suspension system. What is it? What does it do? Is it important? To answer that last question, yes, the suspension is a lot more important than you may think. The suspension and its associated components are located between the frame and the road. The suspension is made up of several different parts, such as the shocks, struts, tires, sway bars, bushings, joints, and control arms. In short, its purpose is to maximize your vehicle’s performance by absorbing bumps and other road imperfections while simultaneously managing its bounce, roll, sway, and acceleration. Because it sits on the undercarriage of your vehicle, it also provides support to the weight of your car. Without a properly functioning suspension, you will notice a decrease in agility, handling, and even vehicle control. The professional team at Bravos Auto Care in San Antonio, Texas, is here to keep your suspension system and drive in top shape with our suspension repair services!

Common Problems with a Suspension System

The suspension system is one that can experience a myriad of issues. Leaks, rusted components, worn parts, and loose connections are just a few examples that can cause poor performance and require suspension repair. Some of these problems are a result of its close proximity to the ground. For example, a bad encounter with a speed bump or other obstruction on the road can cause damage to certain pieces. Other times, it’s a matter of happenstance. More specifically, the shocks and struts can wear, the springs can sag or break, the control arms can fail, a leak can occur in the shocks, and the ball joints can incur wear. Even wheels that are out of alignment can cause suspension problems! It’s important to be vigilant when it comes to suspension issues. What may be a small problem and fix now can easily turn into a large suspension repair later on, or it can even affect other components in the system and cause further complications.

What Are Signs You Need Suspension Repair?

How do you know if your suspension isn’t in good condition? The most common sign our customers with suspension troubles experience is a bumpy or rough ride. The suspension is what facilitates a smooth and controlled ride, and any deviation from that is likely due to a complication with the suspension system. Additional indicators that may call for suspension repair include your vehicle pulling to one side, unintentionally swerving, or your steering wheel becoming difficult to manage or vibrating. Keep an eye out on your tires as well; a bad suspension can appear as irregular or accelerated tire wear. Your vehicle may even sit lower in one corner, which points to a spring that has broken or otherwise become compromised. We take the time and put in the effort to inspect, diagnose, and correct all vehicle issues. For efficient and accurate suspension repair service, drop by Bravos Auto Care soon! We are located at 11307 Perrin Beitel Rd San Antonio, TX 78217 in San Antonio, Texas. You may schedule an appointment at (210) 530-4446, or use our online scheduling system!