Suspension Troubles? We've Got You Covered!

Suspension Troubles? We’ve Got You Covered!

Four Types of Car Suspensions

When you’re behind the wheel, your car can be confronted with all types of terrain. Whether it’s asphalt, gravel, or dirt, your vehicle’s suspension will efficiently absorb the bumps to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. Modern vehicles are equipped with four different suspension spring designs, including air springs, coil springs, leaf springs, and torsion bars.

Which one does your car have? The suspension repair specialists at Bravos Auto Care in San Antonio, Texas, are here to help you find out. Here’s everything you need to know about the four types of modern car suspensions.

    Air Springs

    Air spring suspensions rely on the compressing characteristics of air to effectively absorb the jolts from impacts. They are outfitted with a cylindrical air chamber deliberately placed between the wheel and the undercarriage. An air spring suspension offers impressive performance features, allowing your car to glide over bumps and potholes smoothly. It’s like you’re floating on a cloud. The negative to this system is that it is costly and tends to fail more frequently than other suspensions.

    Coil Springs

    Did you ever play with a Slinky as a kid? If so, then you’re already familiar with a coil spring suspension. This system features a helical spring. Simply put, it’s a durable bar wound around an axis. This kind of suspension is great for trucks that need to haul heavy loads and makes your ride incredibly quiet. However, coil spring suspensions can be super bouncy if their shocks are low-quality.

    Leaf Springs

    A leaf spring suspension system includes cascading blades that are help together be a large U-bolt. The blades are of different lengths and support your vehicle while staying flexible. First seen on horse carriages, leaf springs aren’t as popular as back in the 70s and 80s. Leaf spring suspensions can tackle heavy loads. However, they are bulky and noisy.

    Torsion Bars

    This kind of suspension uses the twisting properties of a straight steel rod to mirror the performance of a coil spring system. The rods are attached to the car’s control arm and twist along its length as it reacts to the road’s surface. This is a space-efficient system that is also very affordable.

San Antonio Suspension Repair Specialists

If you need suspension repair services, contact the master technicians at Bravos Auto Care in San Antonio, Texas. With over two decades of experience, we can quickly and efficiently repair your vehicle. Call us now at (210) 530-4446 to book your appointment.

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